Experience Buddhism in the daily ritual of life.


The Lhakchung - the Buddhist temple shrine on the upper-most floor of the palace. The resident monk here performs daily prayers and rituals as part of his duties. Guests are welcome to be quiet observers to enchanting routine. The morning and evening prayers have an enchanting effect on the audience.


The monk who is deputed here from Chemrey monastery for one year at a time makes sacred amulets. Each amulet usually contains a hand written prayer on a piece of cloth or paper which is then folded and either sewn into a piece of hand-woven tapestry or bound by different colored sacred threads that bind the paper in a pattern as per the amulet’s purpose. You may gift an amulet to a loved or respected one for a defined purpose such as a prayer for good health or well being; or a prayer for peace or compassion. Guests have the option of reserving time with the monk where he will take you through the process of creating an amulet to take back as a gift.